Increasing The Traffic Of Snapchat Views on Your Profile;

Compared to other social media platforms, snapchat is developed in such a way that getting followers, getting something to trend and disappearing of photos all remain a mystery to newbies. After creating your account with a small number of friends, you are getting frustrated because of few snapchat views from your traffic. If this goes on for a while, you feel the site be boring and opt to quit it and concentrate on the other platforms. Before doing so, try this two mechanism to boost your activity on snapchat.

First, take advantage of your other existing platforms to grow your snapchat. Give a hint on them and request your followers or friends to follow the complete version on your new account. The hint may motivate them to follow your snapchat account and trail your happenings that day. You are likely to receive more friend request after such posts. The increased friend requests can be translated from the increased number of snapchat views on your profile.

Lastly, try to be creative on this platform. This is a personal avenue to be authentic and creative with your friends. Use it to capture moments that are unique and arouses interest at the first site. Give a series of events on a particular day, random happenings or single events but not in a monotonous manner. Incorporate both photos and videos.


Engaging colors, faces and comments for more free likes on instagram

There are many ways people use to get free likes on social media. And more recently, social media experts think that there is a way you can utilize different colors and interactivity on instagram to double or triple the number of likes you have been getting. But how true is this? Generally, people who post a call to action message below their photo are likely to get more likes. Also, people who post bright picture’s or pictures with bright colors tend to get more likes on instagram than those who don’t.

On the other hand, posting a picture with your face on it tends to attract more likes. This is mostly because people like seeing faces. However, people don’t want to just see any kind of face. They want to see attractive or creatively taken photos. And if you think creativity isn’t getting you more free likes as you would wish, go back to utilizing hash tags and liking other people’s posts.



Getting twitter likes in normal circumstances on twitter has proved to be a very difficult thing for very many twitter users across the social network and as a result, many people have been compelled to purchase automatic twitter likes for their account. However, purchasing instant likes on twitter is certainly not an exercise to be approached with a lot of complacency whatsoever because a single mistake could leave you devastated and regretting and thus this piece will definitely come in handy for most people who have been buying or better still, for those who are intending to buy these likes.

Well, perhaps the most recurring question is, where should you buy twitter likes? Well, bearing in mind that there is a wide variety of companies and sites that offer purchase of these credentials. The following considerations could help you narrow down on the most ideal site. Well, first thing’s first, cost. You have to ensure that you purchase what is within your means. Furthermore, go for sites that will provide a variety of automatic likes premiums and not just one package thus providing clients with a freedom of choice. Above all, go for companies that are well renowned and reputable for having a track in offering genuine twitter likes.